On 8/15/2011 I had talked to my mom about creating a Facebook page so people of all ages can learn or share with others how to save water or help keep water clean. People can also be able to share projects or sites that help people understand how important water is.

Please visit my new page at Facebook: Don't waste water we need it

Tanya DiTomasso
11/12/2011 04:38:03 am

Great job on the website Zoee! It's very informative, well designed, and well thought out! Congratulations on your badge, you deserve it for such hardwork!

12/11/2011 01:29:38 am

I am a Butterfly in Frontier Girls in California. I was reading the newsletter and saw you and your website so today I thought I would click on the link to your website. Good job for making a website!

12/11/2014 09:43:33 am

Great job on your journey, I plan on sharing this with my Brownie Troop in the high desert of Nevada.


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